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CLOSED: 12/06/2020 - TBD

(Stay-At-Home Order imposed indefinitely by SF)

Under the state of California’s Stay-At-Home system implemented in December, San Francisco is in the Bay Area region (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma counties). Under this system, if the Bay Area region's ICU capacity falls below 15% capacity, we would be placed under a Stay-At-Home Order for at least 3 weeks or until capacity reaches over 15%, whichever is later. Sectors that would be temporarily closed would include Personal Services.

While the region had not reached the 15% metric, San Francisco County and four other counties in the region decided to accelerate into Stay-At-Home status, two weeks before the region’s ICU capacity fell under 15%. The order took effect Sunday, December 6, 2020 through at least January 4, 2021.

Subsequently, the state’s regional Stay-At-Home Order took effect on December 17, 2020 and is set to expire on January 8, 2021. However, as of January 1, 2021, the Bay Area region has 6.3% ICU capacity. (https://abc7news.com/bay-area-icu-capacity-hospital-california-stay-at-home-order-santa-clara/8478535/)

Since San Francisco’s December 6 order, the city’s ICU capacity has not fallen below 15% and is reported at 34% as of December 31. (https://data.sfgov.org/stories/s/qtdt-yqr2)

Nevertheless, city officials announced an INDEFINITE extension of the current SF Stay-At-Home order on December 31, 2020, independent of state guidance and orders for the Bay Area region.


We will remain closed pursuant to these orders, from both the state and SF, whichever expires later. 


When we are once again allowed to reopen, we want to reassure you that we will do so with continued caution in accordance with our health and safety protocols. In the six weeks we were open, from October 21 - December 5, we were able to operate without incident in a safe and responsible manner, implementing the highest protocols and holding ourselves accountable to the strict procedures.


We wish you a Happy New Year and hope to be permitted to serve you sometime in 2021!



While we know it is a personal decision each and every one of you make whether to come visit us, one that we will always respect, we want to assure you of our strict hygiene standards to protect our clients and staff. Please view our COVID-19 tab to view our health and safety protocols, which are updated as needed and necessary.

Before booking an appointment, please view our services tab as some of our services have been modified both for your safety and to comply with all regulations that Personal Care Service establishments are required to comply with by law, as enacted by the San Francisco Department of Public Health's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Directives and CAL/OSHA Guidance.

We appreciate your support of our small business and look forward to seeing you soon!

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