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BACK TREATMENT                                                                                                                         

$85 (45 MINUTES)


A treatment to improve the appearance of the back and shoulder area, resembling our corrective facial treatment.





Give your skin a healthy glow with this exfoliating and hydrating treatment. 


STRESS RELEASE MASSAGE                                                                                                    

$90 (50 MINUTES), $125 (80 MINUTES)


This massage session is intended to bring on a deeply relaxed state and to help restore an overall feeling of well-being. We employ traditional Swedish techniques along with Eastern methods according to your needs. Some of the benefits may include lowered blood pressure, relief from tired or sore muscles, help with tension headaches or insomnia.


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                                                               

$100 (60 MINUTES), $140 (90 MINUTES), $170 (120 MINUTES)

Deep Tissue bodywork is intended to provide more focused attention on specific issues such as chronic muscle tightness, injury recovery or prevention, and mobility limitations. Done within a traditional Swedish massage session your therapist will also use trigger point release, joint mobilizations, compression and stretching techniques in order to access deeper layers of muscle.


PREGNANCY MASSAGE                                                                                                        

$100 (50 MINUTES), $125 (80 MINUTES)

Massage can be a wonderfully nurturing and healthy part of a normal pregnancy; let yourself be supported throughout the many physical changes and potential stresses that are part of this exceptional time. Please let us know know how far along you are in your pregnancy and if you are experiencing particular challenges so your therapist can ensure your comfort. If you have any questions on the suitability of receiving massage, please consult with your doctor prior to booking your appointment.


SUNLIGHTEN INFRARED SUANA                                                                                                                      

$40 (30 MINUTES)

Infrared Light is the natural heat emitted by the sun, gently healing the body from within.

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